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                            World Community School of                                         Music

World Music for World Peace

Our Vision

"To Create, Build and Sustain a Quality Institution, which provides Accessible, Affordable and Authentic Music Education through the genius and study of World Cultures that lead All People to a better understanding of Life"

Our Mission
To develop the potential of children and families through international music education.
Founded in 1986. WCSM strives to bring quality music instruction and learning experiences to youth and adults throughout the metropolitan Washington, DC Area.  The World Community School of Music is incorporated in Washington, DC as a 501©(3) non-profit, charitable organization.

Our Purpose

Why Music?  Research has proven that like the other arts, music plays a crucial role in improving students’ ability to learn.  Music draws on a range of intelligences and learning styles and engages students in learning activities, which require use of higher-order thinking skills - analysis, synthesis and evaluation.   Students who participate in music education generally perform better than other students, both academically and on standardized tests.  The earlier a child begins participation in a music enrichment program, the stronger his chances of succeeding in and out of school.

Why Percussion?

We like to start children with percussion, because I have discovered that once students master rhythm, they understand the dynamics of music easier and rapidly, develop competency sooner and are able to learn music notation more quickly and enthusiastically.  
• Instruction, lectures, residencies and a performances for the DC, Maryland and Virginia Public School Systems
• Music directorships and teaching assignments at the
Option School –At Risk Youth Program at Capital Children’s Museum
Anacostia-Smithsonian Museum’s – Saturday Music Classes
• Lectures at the Smithsonian Institute and Kennedy Center, Howard University, University of the District of Columbia, University of Maryland and other local college 
• Benefit concerts for children centers
• Outreach and instruction to the elderly and the physically challenged

Successes:  WCSM Testimonials & Results