Robert Northern Enterprises
Robert Northern (aka Brother Ah)
(202) 829-5345


  • Recording Company - Divine Records
  • Publishing Company - Umoja Music
  • Music School - The World Community School of Music
  • Consultant
  • Lecturer/Educator-Teacher/Workshops
  • Music Ensembles: Sounds of Awareness
                                              World Music Ensemble
  • Instrumental Soloist
  • Radio Host
  • Book in process

Robert Northern  (aka Brother Ah) is the musical director of the World Music Ensemble and The Sounds of Awareness Ensemble. He specializes in Wind Instruments, African Drums, and Percussions.  His primary instruments are French Horn and Flute.  Brother Ah brings together the best of African , American, Japanese, European and Indian Music.  The concept of “Global Village 2000” celebrates the emergence of a world culture, while retaining the distinct expressions of each cultural style.  The World Music Ensemble released its first compact disk entitled, “Celebration” in 1993.

Robert Northern’s extensive experience spans the musical field.  He is the musical director of the “Sounds of Awareness”.  The musical collective utilizes music, dance, poetry and the sounds of nature to inspire and raise individual levels of consciousness.  The group also produces music for meditation, relaxation and healing. 
The World Community School of Music, Inc. was founded by Robert Northern in 1992 and offers instrumental and vocal music classes to students of all ages from “3 to 93”.  As a lecturer and instructor he taught at the Levine School of Music, Sewell Music Conservatory, DC Public and private schools, as well as lectures at Howard University, University of the District of Columbia, University of Maryland, Smithsonian Institution and Kennedy Center. He has also taught at Brown University in Rhode Island (9 years), Dartmouth College in New Hampshire (3 years), Talledega College (Alabama), the New York City Public Schools, and the African Learning Center in Washington, DC and privately.

Brother Ah is a performer, educator, lecturer, composer and arranger both in Western and non Western traditions.   He has composed and directed numerous extended works including “Ode to Creation”, The Forces of Nature” and “Tribute to the Ancestors”.  Robert Northern (Brother Ah) as a French horniest has played and recorded with musical greats including Thelonius Monk, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, McCoy Tyner, Freddie Hubbard, Sun Ra, Dizzy Gillespie, Eric Dolphy, Max Roach, John Lewis and many more.  

His classical performances include the New York Metropolitan Opera (stage band), George Solti, conductor; the Symphony of the Air, Leopold Stokowski, conductor; Radio City Music Hall Orchestra, Raymond Page, conductor; symphony orchestras in Vienna, Austria, West Germany and Broadway Theatre orchestras in New York City.  He studied at the Manhattan School of Music in New York City, the Vienna State Academy in Vienna, Austria and he is a graduate of Howard University in Washington, DC.